Every week, 40 tickets for every performance the following week will be released via TodayTix for some of the very best seats in the theatre at $40 per part, per ticket ($80 total). These tickets are known as ‘The Friday Forty’.

To enter The Friday Forty, click here or download the app and follow the steps below.

You can enter The Friday Forty at any time from Monday at 12.01AM (AEDT) until 1.00PM (AEDT) every Friday, for performances the following week. At 1PM every Friday the lottery will close, and the winners will be notified between 1.00PM (AEDT) and 5.00pPM (AEDT) the same day.

Winners pay $40 per part, per ticket ($80 total per person), securing a seat for both Part One and Part Two in consecutive performances the following week. Winners are able to purchase a maximum of two tickets for both Part One and Part Two in one transaction, and can pick up tickets at the Box Office on the day of their performance.
To ensure that as many people as possible have the chance to access these tickets, they will only be available through TodayTix. It is not possible to purchase these tickets in person at the Princess Theatre or anywhere else.

Returned and other late-release tickets may also become available at short notice. These are not guaranteed, but any tickets that do become available will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, online or in person at the Princess Theatre Box Office at full price.





No purchase is required to enter. You can only win the lottery for each performance once. Entrants are selected at random. Up to two tickets will be available for both Part One and Part Two on consecutive performances for the following week. Tickets will be $40 per part, per ticket ($80 total). Entrants must be aged 18 or over. For the full terms and conditions, visit TodayTix.com .


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