LATEST UPDATE 16th April 2020

The producers of the Canadian premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Sonia Friedman, Colin Callender, David Mirvish and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions – have a commitment to the safety and peace of mind of all its audiences, cast and company, and theatre staff.  

We have been closely monitoring the continuously evolving COVID-19 situation and the orders and recommendations made by Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health, as well as the recommendations made by officials in the cities and countries where much of the magic of Cursed Child is made. 

We have made the very difficult decision to delay the Toronto production to 2021. We understand that this is disappointing, but this delay will help ensure our ability to deliver this spectacular production to audiences safely and successfully and with the launch that our fans deserve.

Thank you for your understanding in this constantly developing situation.  Our website and social media channels will be updated with more information, including on sale dates and performance dates, as we have it.

We look forward to sharing a magical experience with you very soon.


‘The producers of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and our Theatres have a commitment to the safety and peace of mind of all its audiences, cast and company, and theatre staff.  In line with the latest advice from governments on the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, the producers have had-to make changes to performance schedules across our different territories, and this will regrettably involve the temporary cancellation of some shows whilst measures are in place.  

Local and national health authority advice varies from production to production in different cities and is evolving on a daily basis, but please be assured that the producers are working closely with government and health organizations around the world to ensure we are following the very latest advice.

We fully understand that the changes and cancellations will be disappointing and inconvenient for ticket holders, and also that many will want to change their plans for attending the show, so we are now working on a ticket exchange policy for each territory, in line with the controls placed upon it. If anyone feels concerned or worried about attending any performance, we encourage them to speak to the Box Office in each territory. The very latest information on the performance schedule and ticket exchange policy for the productions currently running is below, and will be regularly updated on the websites and social media channels for each production.

Thanks for your patience while we determine the best course of action in a rapidly developing situation, where the health and safety of audiences and staff must come first.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon, where the magic continues on stage!’



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