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Nicholas Podany and Bubba Weiler, our new Albus and Scorpius, sat down with PopSugar’s Kelsey Gibson to share their personal history with the Harry Potter series as well as what playing the next generation of wizards means to them.

“I [Gibson] first meet Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stars Nicholas Podany and Bubba Weiler in the Patronus Room at Broadway’s Lyric Theatre, where it’s made abundantly — and immediately — clear that they’re big Potterheads. I’m pointing out my Patronus, a cat, to Podany before the conversation quickly shifts to what our Hogwarts houses are. Weiler is a Hufflepuff like me, while Podany adds, without hesitation, that he’s a Gryffindor. While their houses slightly differ from that of their characters’, their real-life friendship is just as endearing as it is on stage.

For Podany and Weiler — who play Harry Potter’s son Albus and Draco Malfoy’s son Scorpius, respectively — joining the Broadway play’s second-year cast is legitimately a dream come true. Not only is this their Broadway debut, but they both have such a strong attachment to the franchise, albeit from different times in their lives.”

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